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An MSHA-Certified Company

Sennebogen Parts and Service Provider

Keeping Your Industrial Facility in Top Shape

An MSHA-Certified Company

Sennebogen Parts and Service Provider

Keeping Your Industrial Facility in Top Shape


Industrial Equipment Repair Services & Technicians of the Highest Quality in Florida

For over 15 years, CHR Services has been a trusted name among Florida professionals. As a family-owned business, we have a reputation for treating our customers properly. Our industrial equipment repair services technicians work hard to restore the functionality of your equipment and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. You may even count on us to assist you in preventing future issues before they become major issues. Our goal is to make sure your equipment is ready to help you achieve your business goals. Call now to get a part or set up an on-site repair with the best industrial equipment repair services in Florida.

Fully certified, trained, and equipped

CHR Services is committed to providing prompt, high-quality service on all makes of equipment, as well as preventative maintenance to minimize problems and maximize machine uptime. You may relax knowing that your equipment is being repaired by professionals that are thoroughly educated and certified. We have the skills and knowledge to complete all of your heavy industrial equipment repairs to the highest industry standards, thanks to our more than two decades of experience. The best part is that we come to you with fully equipped service trucks to take care of the job right there on the spot. Getting the industrial repair services you require has never been easier.


You simply cannot afford to lose time and money waiting for faulty parts to be fixed. We understand that our consumers work hard every day to complete their tasks. Our customers expect nothing less from us. If your equipment breaks down, we’ll get it back up and running quickly!

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Proudly Serving the State of Florida

You rely on your equipment to stay productive, earn a living, and succeed. As a result, it is critical to resolving issues as soon as possible when your equipment fails. Regarding industrial equipment repair services in Florida, CHR Services is the go-to brand. From hydraulic repairs to excavator repairs, you can count on our crew to come to you.


Because we specialize in such a broad range of heavy equipment, our personnel are well-versed in hydraulic systems. Line Boring, Compactor & Bailer Services, Welding & Fabrication Services, Hydraulic Repairs, Barge Repairs, Industrial Welding, and other products are among those that we can service.


With two Florida locations—Fort Myers and Orlando—we are able to serve industrial facilities across the entire state. Wherever you are in the Sunshine State, you can count on us to travel to your location and deliver the finest on-site equipment repairs for the following industries:

Heavy Equipment

What We Offer

Line Boring
Hydraulic Repairs
Compactor & Bailer Services
Barge Repairs
Welding & Fabrication Services
Industrial Welding